Edge is a 3D Roleplaying Adventure game where you improve your character by building and customizing a community.

Game Overview

Edge is an open world adventure-building game where you improve your character by building a town, customizing it, and bringing new citizens to it.

“Explore the world and complete quests to earn new blueprints, resources, and citizens, then return to build your town and make your character stronger!”


RPG, Community-Builder, Action-Adventure

Release Date

Fall 2024


StarForged Studios


PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch

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The vertical slice features the core game functionality:

  • Explore and build the town of Sky’s Edge
  • Fight enemies and traverse the environment
  • Use unique abilities to get the upper edge in combat
  • Embark on quests and gain rewards to help you expand the town

Explore a Large, Diverse World

The Verdelen Isles has four distinct realms, each with their own unique environment, people, architecture, and wildlife.

Master Each Combat Style

After beginning the game with basic melee combat, learn to fight using four elemental weapons Thea can summon with her gauntlets. Each comes with their own abilities to encourage distinct style.

Build and Customize Your Town

Earn blueprints and resources by exploring and completing quests around the world, then return to your town to add new buildings, decorations, and citizens.

Create a Community

Bring together people from all ends of the world to watch them work together to create helpful items, clothing, and decorations that have never been seen before. Complete quests in your town and participate in events.

Traverse in Exciting Ways

Swing from grappling vines, glide through the air, swim to the depths of the ocean, and phase through entire mountains. Combine these techniques to uncover hidden areas.

Uncover the True History of the World

Discover what caused the world’s separation into floating islands and guide Thea to bring them back together.

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